Delayed start date for curling

As you may have already heard, yesterday the Province announced new restrictions which took effect today. Included in these restrictions is the closure of indoor recreational facilities for at least 3 weeks.

In response, the County canceled all bookings at the arenas (including ice and room rentals) for the period of January 5-25 inclusive. The County is hopeful that it can re-open again on January 26, but will continue to keep everyone updated once the province confirms whether these restrictions will end or be extended.

No curling on January 21st.  Stay warm and stay safe.

Best wishes,

Kevin Proctor, President and the Board of Directors

Winter Draw Starting January 21, 2022

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to All!

Covid 19 has dealt us another blow.

We will be going ahead with the Winter draw as planned. We will not have a Beer Garden to start on January 21st 2022, but we hope that we will be able to raise a toast by the end of the Season in March. The Province, and in turn the County, has stopped all food and beverage sales in their facilities. We have tried a few different approaches, but the County has to abide by the Provincial mandates.

So this is where we are…

We made it so far this season without anyone getting anything and we think the protocols we’ve put in place worked great. We think this time around we have to leave it up to our members and go from there. We are not against anyone’s reasoning for taking extra precautions, but our decision right now is to go ahead with curling unless other protocols come out saying that it’s not safe to do so.

We will curl with the same teams. We will try to add some new members into the teams that are in need of 1 or 2 players due to travel or personal reasons and, as always, we hope to have a robust Spare List to help out when needed. If there are no further shutdowns or restrictions, we will be on the ice on Friday January 21st, 2022 at 630pm for the early draw! Look for an email mid-January with Team List, Schedule, and Spare List.

We believe that there will be no further restrictions other than what we already have in place. Please note that as of January 2, 2022, screening and contact tracing for our members must be done through the QR Code (our public libraries can print and laminate these for your free of charge if not readily available on a cell phone) and online through the link on the County website.
Members must self-screen for symptoms of Covid-19 prior to entering the arena. If you are feeling unwell, please do not attend.

Masks continue to be mandatory around the facility when not on the ice. We will use the change rooms and benches around the arena to change to be ready to curl. Early in January, our updated HCC Safety Plan will be sent to members.

If there are members who are unsure of curling in January, please reply to the email sent to all members in December, as soon as possible. We plan to be safe while enjoying our games, but we do understand and respect individual reasons to not participate at this time.

As we have in the past, we will pivot as needed.


Kevin Proctor
And the Board of Directors.


It was so delightful to be back ‘on the ice’ last Friday seeing familiar faces and welcoming new members to our Club!

A special thanks for bringing smaller bills to pay for your Bar purchases. It was much appreciated! At this time, there are no changes to our capacity limits in the McSorley Room.

Kudos to Kevin Proctor (Club President) for following up this morning with the County and updating our Safety Plan Protocol. We are now able to “allow unmasked individuals on the ice surface“, but are still required to wear them when we are not on the ice. HOORAY!

The bins will still need to be put in place at either end of each sheet each night by the 6:30 Draw and returned to the cart by the 8:30 Draw. PLEASE also add your emptied garbage can to the cart! PLEASE ensure each bin has ONE slider in it. The bins also include Lysol wipes, kleenex, hand sanitizer, and one end will also include a disinfectant spray. Let me know at the Bar if your bin requires a refill of any of those items. Thanks, Mary Kent (Club Director), for getting the cart down each week and to the last Skip off the ice each week for bringing the cart (8 bins, 1 first aid bin, 4 emptied garbage cans) up to the McSorley Room.

Looking forward to seeing you all again this Friday!
Best wishes,
Kate Head

Curling Starts This Friday Oct. 22

In the past, we have been able to hold dedicated session(s), “Learn to Curl”. This year, it was not possible. Most of us have not been on the ice since March 6th, 2019. On October 22nd, we will all assist the new curlers on our teams. Sandie and Glenn Rowell will provide some overall directions, but we will encourage, teach, practice and warm up in our team groups for the first 30 minutes of our draw. (e.g. 6:00-6:30 or 8:30-9:00 p.m.) This will be followed by a casual 6-end game. Consider having the newer curlers throw second rocks tonight or for a while? Results of this first game will not be recorded in our standings chart. This on-ice learning will continue each week…sliding, sweeping, turning the handle, and so on! While we may be wearing masks and maintaining social distance, HCC is still a “social club that curls”.

Find the schedule and team lists on the Schedule page.

Start Of The Curling Season Is Almost Here

We are getting so excited to finally start off a curling season!  Yes, it will be different….but it will be so nice to see each other again and welcome new HCC members…some are experienced and others are new to curling! We will all work together to coach and encourage each other.
The Membership Committee has been busy drawing up 14 teams and a schedule to take us to December 10th.

The Spare List is being finalized also at this time. ONLY persons on this list can be contacted as spares. Look for team lists, list of spares, schedule, and our Safety Protocol to arrive in your inbox later this week.

In the meantime, (if you haven’t all ready) all members would please email your proof of 2nd vaccination to the club for printing. ( Please do NOT send a picture of it (too dark when printed)….forward the email you get from the Ministry of Health or a legitimate scan.  Alternatively, you can mail a print out….public libraries will print them free of charge.

Curling Season 2021-2022 IMPORTANT UPDATE

HCC Directors have made a bold decision to go ahead with the 2021-2022 Curling Season. We need 48 members to sign up (that means submit your completed Registration Form and payment) by October 1st for us to move ahead! Our Season is 15 weeks in length, October 22 – December 10, 2021 + January 21 – March 4, 2022. There is no Fall nor Winter Draw this year….one season all year! Can only play part of it? Consider sharing a spot with another curler.

Membership will be capped at 48 (not including Spares) and will increase after that by groups of 8 to our maximum of 64 members this year. Your completed Registration Form may be mailed, scanned and emailed, or dropped off to Kate Head or Mary Kent. $200 Membership Fee may be a cheque payable to HCC dated 1 October 2021 mailed or dropped off to Kate or Mary, cash given in person to Kate or Glenn Rowell, or e-transfer to! We are so excited to be able to offer e-transfer this year!

Members MUST show proof of double-vaccinations and respectfully follow all other safety (falls, footwear) and Covid-related protocols. These latter protocols are ever-changing (as you know) and we will forward these to our members prior to opening night and update as needed.

With capacity limits pre-established by the County and Health Unit, MEMBERS ONLY are permitted to enjoy our “Club House” (McSorley Room) after their games. We have caps on numbers permitted. Sorry, no visitors or drop ins to watch the exciting on-ice action at this time.

Spares MUST complete Registration Forms BEFORE October 15th. A spare list will be published and those on that list will also need to provide proof of a 2nd vaccination.

We will have two draws: 6:30 p.m. and 8:30 p.m. Arrive no more than 15 minutes prior to your game, please. The Bar will open to curlers after their games only. More information about our after game social time in a future email.

We have the opportunity to welcome several new members to our HCC! Some are experienced curlers and others are “new to the sport” and an on-ice introduction will take place that first night.

If you have borrowed Club equipment (e.g. brooms, sliders, grippers, sticks) in previous years, this year we will loan our limited supply on a season basis. You may be required to pay a refundable deposit for the use of such. We will also share information about where you may purchase your own curling equipment.

Hope you are as excited as we are to start curling again!

News About Curling

If you were a member of HCC in the 2019-2020 season OR you asked for more information about membership in the upcoming curling season, you should have received an email from the club. We hope that you are healthy and doing well. The Club’s Directors met this past week to share ideas and try to envision what Friday night curling might look like at this time. We are optimistic that we can resume our Friday night social event realizing there will need to be protocols to ensure safety for all. It will be fun, but different. The Directors are committed to pivoting quickly as needed. Here is what we think it might look like. Please read the information below and then reply ASAP to the email to let us know if you are joining us to curl this year. Sufficient numbers are needed to offer affordable curling in Haldimand.

HCC will subsidize costs (Ice & room rentals, insurance, sanitizing supplies) to minimize impact on our membership.

We are excited to propose a 15-week season for $200. 15 October – 10 December, 2021 + 21 January – 4 March, 2022.

Capacity limits on ice and in the McSorley Room are set by Haldimand County on advice from the Haldimand-Norfolk Health Unit.

Members only will be allowed to attend. Members are required to have received their second Covid-19 Vaccine. Hand sanitizer will be available for use. Contact tracing forms must be submitted to the Arena staff each night. Similar to protocols we are already “used to”, masks will be worn at all times. Assigned rooms will be used for changing into curling shoes and (mandatory) grippers before going on the ice. Outdoor gear may be left there while on-ice. If you don’t have a broom, we will loan you a broom for the season. At this time, our Bar will operate AFTER games only. First draw will begin at 6:30 pm with mandatory “off the ice” at 8:15 pm. This allows for arena staff to prep the ice for the second draw. Just as we have to respect the current on-ice limits, there are limits upstairs. Masks and social distancing are expected by the County. We are still working through the protocols needed for our after-game social time and the safe operation of the Bar.

Curling protocols are guided by Curling Ontario and Canada Curling best practice guidelines. Most noteworthy are:

1. Masks are worn by all on the ice EXCEPT the active sweeper.

2. Only one curler may sweep a rock.

Again, more details will be provided once we have heard back from you! Directors meet again mid-September. So…are you willing to join us on Fridays as a member of the Haldimand Curling Club at the arena in Cayuga? Please reply letting us know ASAP or by Labour Day if we can count you in or not. Questions? Comments? All are appreciated as we navigate a new approach to curling.

Thanks so much for taking the time to read this. We miss our Haldimand Curling Club group.



on behalf of the HCC Directors:

Kevin, Randy, Glenn, Mary, Lenore, Sandie, Andy, Brendan, Kathy, Bill.

Haldimand Curling Club
P.O. Box 546, Cayuga ON
N0A 1E0

If you did not receive an email and want to curl with us, use the “Contact Us” page of the website no later than Labour Day.

Update: Cayuga Arena Availability

We are still not sure when the Arena will be available for curling. We are still hoping for a fall draw.

This is the message we received from the county.

As you are aware, the ice was removed in February from the Cayuga Arena in preparation for the facility to be used as a COVID 19 mass vaccination clinic for the Haldimand-Norfolk Health Unit.

No specific timeline has been provided as to when we expect the arena to be back in use as a recreational facility. However, at this time it appears that the Cayuga Arena will not be available for the pre-season (September). As with everything Covid related, this remains tentative and if the acceleration of second doses proceeds at a faster pace, then there is a possibility of an earlier re-opening.

If we receive any more information we will let everyone know.

Cancellation of the 2021 Winter Draw

To all Members,

We have not reached the numbers needed to have a successful winter draw so we have to cancel the Winter Draw. It is not an easy decision, but I believe it to be the correct one with the COVID-19 pandemic still in our communities and social distancing still an expectation. As we move into the Holiday Season, the number of infected people continues to rise. Safety has always been a concern of mine and the Board. HCC members are not in a bubble. We all come from different communities of family and work and that becomes problematic when we are curling and in close proximity to each other. None of us should want to be that person that inadvertently brings COVID-19 to the arena and someone else becomes critically ill. As the world cancels sporting events and many other get-togethers and the province asks us to limit our group size, it seems irresponsible to plan a gathering for 30+ people for 10 weeks. Let’s anticipate our return in the fall of 2021, maybe with a vaccine, and celebrate our 50th Anniversary of Curling in Haldimand County!

I know some of you have asked about the opportunity to include members from Simcoe Curling Club. We received inquiries from 3 of their members and that still was not enough to complete the minimum 32 curlers needed. HCC was going to subsidize some of the expenses of curling to be able to get on the ice, but we needed 32 HCC curlers before we started to subsidize out-of-Club curlers.

I know this decision may not be the one everyone wants to read, but I believe it is the right one. Everyone needs to practise social distancing, wash your hands (thoroughly and often), and stay home when you are feeling sick. Together we will get through this pandemic and be safe and healthy to curl in the Fall of 2021.

On behalf of your HCC Board of Directors and to all our members and their families, stay safe through this Holiday Season and all the best in 2021!


Kevin Proctor