Message From Our President

I hope everyone is safe and your families the same.

It has been a couple of months now since our season ended so quickly. Who would have thought we would still be in self isolation and managing the physical distancing as well as we have. Summer is around the corner and some relaxing of the rules will soon be upon us. Haircuts and manicures all around! LOL

I would like to thank everyone at the club who make our Friday nights happen. From the Membership Team to the Bar Committee to the Social Committee. Everyone works together to make our one night of curling a fun, social and active night. Thanks to the Learn to Curl group that quickly show new members how to curl and all the members who help coach and encourage our new curlers every Friday night. With out everyone the club would not survive. Thank you very much!

I have held off discussing the next curling season as any discussion right now would be pure speculation. Social or physical distancing will definitely be an issue on the curling rink. And even the pre and post game social time will have to be monitored. The Employees I deal with at the county, the ones that book the facilities, have been laid off as there are no facilities to book at this time. The health and safety of our members will be paramount as to whether we plan a fall draw or not. We will keep you informed as the summer rolls along.

For those of you who have sent in your registration we will review your decision with you as the upcoming season approaches. We are at the mercy of the Province and County as to what will happen at the arenas. We will take advice from them as well as our members. We are all in this together.

As for the AGM, we did cancel it and will reschedule once we have more information about the lifting of the isolation and the plans the County has for the fall. As I said earlier it will be better to wait and be cautious than plan for something that may not happen immediately in the fall.

To all, stay safe, stay healthy we will be in touch once we have more information.


Kevin Proctor
The Board of Directors

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