Conformation of your spot for 2021.

Please read the previous post; “Update on Winter Session.”

Are you interested in confirming your spot for the Winter Session? Please reply to the email sent to all members on November 12 and forward $75 cheque payable to HCC dated 8 December 2020.

Send cheque to:

HCC c/o Kate Head, 786 Bains Rd, Dunnville ON N1A 2W8

Your membership spot will be recorded as received and additional information relayed to you upon receipt of your payment. Completed Registration Forms and Waivers plus the balance for the Winter Session are due before January 8th, 2021.

Our Refund Policy ( from HCC: Manual of Operations) is outlined below:

If membership is cancelled before the date of the cheque, the cheque will be returned without penalty. If any member in good standing requires a refund for health, relocation, or job requirements, the following will apply. The refund request must be filed in writing with a Director of HCC before the third game of the draw, 50% of the amount paid will be refunded subject to approval of the HCC Directors. No other refunds will apply unless ratified by the Directors.

In addition to the above, should the arena be closed due to Covid-19 and that impacts our Winter Session, members will receive pro-rated refunds.

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