Cancellation of the 2021 Winter Draw

To all Members,

We have not reached the numbers needed to have a successful winter draw so we have to cancel the Winter Draw. It is not an easy decision, but I believe it to be the correct one with the COVID-19 pandemic still in our communities and social distancing still an expectation. As we move into the Holiday Season, the number of infected people continues to rise. Safety has always been a concern of mine and the Board. HCC members are not in a bubble. We all come from different communities of family and work and that becomes problematic when we are curling and in close proximity to each other. None of us should want to be that person that inadvertently brings COVID-19 to the arena and someone else becomes critically ill. As the world cancels sporting events and many other get-togethers and the province asks us to limit our group size, it seems irresponsible to plan a gathering for 30+ people for 10 weeks. Let’s anticipate our return in the fall of 2021, maybe with a vaccine, and celebrate our 50th Anniversary of Curling in Haldimand County!

I know some of you have asked about the opportunity to include members from Simcoe Curling Club. We received inquiries from 3 of their members and that still was not enough to complete the minimum 32 curlers needed. HCC was going to subsidize some of the expenses of curling to be able to get on the ice, but we needed 32 HCC curlers before we started to subsidize out-of-Club curlers.

I know this decision may not be the one everyone wants to read, but I believe it is the right one. Everyone needs to practise social distancing, wash your hands (thoroughly and often), and stay home when you are feeling sick. Together we will get through this pandemic and be safe and healthy to curl in the Fall of 2021.

On behalf of your HCC Board of Directors and to all our members and their families, stay safe through this Holiday Season and all the best in 2021!


Kevin Proctor

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